Friday, May 6, 2016

Awards and Appreciation

Since my last post, I've had a whirlwind of book launch events for HARD COLD WINTER (huzzah!), signed the contracts for my next two books (double huzzah!), and joined the annual Mystery Writers of America celebration that is the Edgar Awards.  

As a first-time attendee to the Edgars, let me tell you: It was worth the transcontinental flight and every moment of the mild headcold that came with it.

No, I didn't win for Best First Novel, and yes, that was a little disappointing (hey, I'm human).  More on that emotion after the photos.  But to let Not-winning spoil the honor of being nominated and especially all of the fun my wife and I had meeting old friends and making new ones would be ignorant, not to mention profoundly ungrateful.  It really was a spectacular time.

A few snapshots, and then a heartfelt comment...   

At the famed Mysterious Bookshop, in Tribeca.  We came straight from the airport, dragging luggage behind us.

With fellow authors Nadine Nettmann, Jay Shepherd, and Dan Hale (right), who was awarded the Charles Todd Distinguished Service Award on the night of the banquet.

The panel "A Dram of Poison" at the symposium, with new friends Brendan DuBois, Susanna Calkins, Gilly MacMillan, and Lori Roy.  Let's just assume I'm saying something profound.

Photobombed by a Grand Master: Walter Mosely!

At the banquet itself, with my superb editor Lyssa Keusch and my exemplary agent Lisa Erbach Vance.

Congratulations to the MWA directors and volunteers who carried off a huge event with style and panache.  It was a magical night.

One last note, or rather, a list:  
Patricia Highsmith.  Donald E. Westlake.  Tony Hillerman.  Martin Cruz Smith.  Bill Pronzini.  Elizabeth George.  Walter Mosely.  Don Winslow.  Janet Evanovich.  C.J. Box.  Gillian Flynn.

What do all of these authors have in common?  They were also nominated for Best First Novel.  And they lost, too.  There's a whole lot of success and acclaim and even a couple of Grand Masters listed there.  

Incredible company, in other words.  See why I'm not too upset?