Sunday, November 22, 2015

Larceny is Gradual

I've been pretty lax about writing posts here recently.  Partly because -- a lame excuse is better than none, right? -- I've been very focused on the proposal for Van Shaw Book 3.  

Proposals, for those not familiar, usually consist of a plot description (tough) and a few opening chapters that will hopefully knock the collective socks off of anyone who so much as glances at the title page (really tough).  For me, the process involves multiple re-writes and lots of chewing on pencil erasers.  Since I write with a laptop instead of a pencil, I chew on the Delete key.  

Without any real planning, Facebook has become the channel where I post more frequent updates for friends and readers. Twitter is the collective online cocktail party, BYOB.  At the start I thought Larceny is Grand would be my regular journal, but perhaps it's best as it is: a place to capture random moments in a new career, and put writing that doesn't really fit anywhere else.

But in the next few months, you'll see more activity here as I prep and celebrate the launch of HARD COLD WINTER in March, and the paperback of PAST CRIMES.  And there will be a tour of other blogs as part of the fun, too.  So more to come, is what I'm saying, and huge gratitude to those who have been following along and have asked me when the next post is coming.  

(And of course, in the meantime there's always Facebook and @GlenErikH.  Don't be shy; pop by and visit!)

And within the next couple of weeks, the proposal for my third book will be in the hands of my publisher.  I'm nervous.  I'll probably write about being nervous here, because that's how writers deal with crap like that.  Place butt in seat, place words on page.

Stay tuned.