Thursday, June 25, 2015

Catching Up, and On the Run

Dear Patient Friends, 

It's been stupidly long since I've written something for my own blog -- like a cliffhanger in the first act that's forgotten until the close of the book.  Here's what's been happening the past three months: 

I turned in Van Shaw Book 2* to the publishers smack on schedule, at the end of February.  It was a very full day:  I fired off the completed manuscript, packed up what few things were left in my little temporary office, drove home, threw clothes in a suitcase, and flew to Seattle to launch PAST CRIMES.  The next week or so was a whirlwind of appearances at booksellers large and small.  All of them were very generous to a nervous rookie clutching his first novel.   

During flights up and down the coast, I pieced together my last few guest blog posts as well.   All told, I wrote about sixteen articles, for some of the best mystery and thriller blogs in the US and UK.  While I wouldn't have skipped any of them, boy oh boy, I wish I had known in advance just how much time launching a book required (while finishing the next one!).  I would have done a LOT more manuscript work last summer.  A good lesson for this year.  I'm already drafting Book 3 while awaiting rewrite notes for Book 2.   Van is as busy than I am, and finding a whole lot more trouble.   

I'll post a master list of those guest blog articles here soon -- if not for posterity, then to help me remember what I wrote in my caffeine-and-jet-lag daze.   

Okay, I'll aim to make my visits here much more frequent, as I tackle rewrites and gear up for the American Library Association's annual convention in San Francisco this weekend, and ThrillerFest in New York City in July.  Thanks for your understanding!  I've hugely enjoyed receiving emails and meeting many of you during the past couple of months, and I hope our paths cross at a bookstore or convention soon.   


*In case you're wondering: I'm not being coy about the title.  Book 2 doesn't have a name just yet, but I am kicking around ideas with smarter folk than I.  Watch here for announcements!